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Barbie Continental Holiday Gift Set

This gift set is first-rate for your Barbie doll fanciest! It includes a white cotton doll, a green cotton doll, and a black cotton doll, these dolls are made to be realistic and look like the character barbie. The sets also includes a Barbie doll brush, a Barbie doll caddy, and a Barbie doll phone, all of these pieces make it effortless for you to create beautiful decor for your Barbie doll room.

Top 10 Barbie Continental Holiday Gift Set

The mattel Continental Holiday gift set is a top-of-the-heap way to get your Holiday shopping done right! This set includes a fashion model and a certificate this set is unrivalled for the fashion-savvy out there! The Barbie Continental Holiday gift set is top-notch for your little one's next Holiday party! The set includes a Barbie christmas gift set, a Barbie x-birthday present, and a few missing pieces of clothing, but first, we've added in a new model for your little one to favorite on their mobile home while they're out on the Holiday travel. This high-quality, new 2003 Continental Holiday silkstone limited edition is superb for their little one's next Holiday vacation! With all the usual features like fabric softness andyear's up, Continental Holiday includes a Barbie christmas gift set, keep your little one's Holiday week going with this first-rate gift set! This set includes a silkstone Barbie doll fashion model collection, and a set of Barbie dolls, the dolls are good quality and look great. The set also includes a driving set, a golf set, and a pool, this set includes a Barbie doll from the collection "the Barbie doll fashion model collection 5", a silkstone charm & jewelry stone, and a Barbie dildo.