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Faber Castell Gift Set India

This faber-castell gift set comes with 25 crayons in various different colors, it is an excellent alternative to give a gift that will make others feel special, or to handle as a heads-up to friends and family when opening a new project.

Top 10 Faber Castell Gift Set India

This faber-castell set of 12 creative watercolors is top-quality for gift giving! The set includes 12 watercolors on earthenware plates and 12 murano glass mirror frames, these provide a sterling opportunity to provide a personal touch to your gift giving celebration. The faber-castell set of 24 is sterling for children who yearn to create their own pictures, each set of 24 colours grants enough space to create a problem-free picture. The prints are facile to operate and can be saved as jpeg, pdf or coachman files, the sets also include a detail book and a set of sandals. This set includes: 1, ink pitt brush 2. Pen 3, pencil 4. Pencil pen 5, inks 6. Brush 7, pencil 8. Brush 9, pencil 10. Pen 11, inks 12. Brush 13, pencil 14. Pen 15, inks 16. Brush 17, pencil 18. Pen 19, inks 20. Brush 21, pencil 22. Pen 23, inks 24. Brush 25, pen 26. Inks 27, brush 28. Pen 29, inks 30. Brush 31, pen 32. Inks 33, brush 34. Pen 35, inks 36. Brush 37, pen 38. Inks 39, brush 40. Pen 41, inks 42. Fab this gift set comes with a pitt brush, 12 inks, and case, the set also includes a camera brush, 10 inks, and case. This set is practical for the artist in your life, the 12 inks make for amazing inklings and the 10 inks make for amazing inklings with a bit of a slower style. The case also includes a development brush and a crease brush.