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Jo Malone Sampler Gift Set

If you're scouring for a gift set that will bring out the best in your favorite women, then this is the set for you! There are four fragrances - perfume or body lotion, respectively - to choose from, make sure to decision's up, and make use of the mix of ingredients - consisting of all natural ingredients - to ensure your woman is satisfied until the very end.

Jo Malone Sampler Gift Set Walmart

This gift set includes: -2 Jo Malone Sampler gifts -1 Sampler mug -1 card this gift set contains: - Jo Malone sephora fragrance Sampler - coco cabana cream mini - Jo Malone mini - $10 worth of products this gift set includes: -1 st Sampler -1 st Sampler -2 nd Sampler -1 st Sampler -3 rd Sampler -1 st Sampler -4 th Sampler -1 st Sampler -5 th Sampler this gift set includes: -1 pcs, Jo Malone Sampler -1 pcs. Fragrance -1 pcs, cinnamon -1 pcs. Jet black -1 pcs, periwinkle -1 pcs. Strawberry -1 pcs, lavender -1 pcs. Jasmine -1 pcs.