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Mens Bath Bomb Gift Set

This gift set is top-notch for the woman in your life who loves to buy objects that represent the 4 big things she represents in her life - business, love, relationships, and fun, the luxurious 24 k gold Bath Bomb gift set includes a marble body and a set of two, of which she can be anxiously waiting for her next gift. This set is sensational for her enjoyments and costs just $19, set.

Mens Bath Bomb Gift Set Amazon

The Mens Bath Bomb gift set comes with six organic Bath bombs- epsom salt, organic essential oils, and 5 oz, of organic epsom salt. These Bath bombs are will help you relax and feel restful, the gift set also comes with an 5 oz. Of organic essential oil, this set of 42 Bath bombs is exquisite for young girls who adore to play with fire! The set includes a banged up fun set of 42 black-colored Bath bombs. These will help your daughter-in-law make sure she or he gets a good Bath on every day, this gift set includes 6 pieces of essential oil bubbles, which would be peerless for your special someone. These salt bombs would become a hit with your friends and family, and would make them feel the appreciate during their birthday, this set of six Bath Bomb gifts will make your loved ones redundant their fantastic gift for the person you choose to give it to the always handy.