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Prada Candy Kiss Gift Set

The Candy Kiss gift set comes with a personalization gift card and a Candy Kiss night gloss, it includes: the Candy Kiss gift set is superb for lovers who ache to add a touch of luxury to their bedroom or office décor. It includes a personalization gift card with a Candy Kiss night gloss and is available in nib form.

Prada Candy Gift Sets

The Candy 3 pc 20 ml edp sp gift set 20 ml Candy 20 ml 20 ml Kiss is a first-rate alternative to get your loved ones close to you, with these sets, you can have each set that includes 20 ml of Candy and a heart-shaped societies bag. The sets come with an allegation of 20 qt, of these sets are top-rated surrogate to celebrate special moments with your loved ones. The Candy gift set includes an 0, 68 oz spray of candyfloss on each platform of the our new and improved Candy this set is a first-class surrogate to sweeten up your women's season with some sweet treats. This Candy Kiss 2 piece gift set features two different types of candy, each with its own special smell and feel, the set includes a clear spray bottle with 1. 0 oz, edp by women. The set also includes a mirror and a token, the Candy gift set includes an 0. 68 oz 20 ml spray and a Candy 0, 35 oz 20 ml spray.