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Tarte Eyeshadow Gift Set

This set contains: -tarte Eyeshadow palette -satsuma go Eyeshadow palette -mauve & okra Eyeshadow palette -lime & ministries Eyeshadow palette - purple Eyeshadow Tarte gift set is exceptional for people who adore to spend! With just a few simple steps, you can create up-to-date eye color look from the favorite colors, -tartetreasurebox lid -tartetreasurebox pan -tartetreasureboxs -tartetreasureboxs, s -tartetreasurebox, l -tartetreasurebox, gift card.

Tarte Eyeshadow Gift Set Amazon

This set contains: -tarte tarteist paint palette -paint -tarte tarteist Eyeshadow quad -strawberry blue eyeshade -tarte tarteist Eyeshadow highlighter -strawberry blue eyeshade -tarte tarteist Eyeshadow toffee Tarte passport to paradise 5 pc collector's set is terrific for someone who wants to add a little bit flavor to their makeup look, the Tarte tarteist paint palette is puissant for eyes that have a ton of pigment, such as those that are made from light brown, black, and green particles. The paint is for lovers with less pigment eyes, and the Tarte tarteist Eyeshadow quad is for lovers with more color in those eyes, the strawberry blue eyeshade is for people who itch to add a bit of funding to their makeup look. The Tarte tarteist Eyeshadow highlighter is top-notch for enthusiasts who itch to add a bit of life to their makeup look, and the Tarte tarteist Eyeshadow toffee is excellent for admirers who crave to add a bit of excitement to their makeup look. These sets are first-rate for an admirer who wants to get their head makeup look, this set includes: -tarte clay Eyeshadow -pine-sap Eyeshadow -minty green Eyeshadow -lime Eyeshadow -island Eyeshadow -red Eyeshadow -butterfly Eyeshadow -lime in the upper right -tarte Eyeshadow set nib Tarte chrome for the holidays paint metallic shimmer Eyeshadow quad gift set is a fantastic surrogate to enjoy tarte's amazing eyeshadows. With its pine-sap palette and minty green eyeshadow, it's top-of-the-heap for any mad about makeup look, the set also includes the eyeshadow, which is an orange wheel with a sour taste. This set comes with: -tarte magic star eyeshadow, top-rated for the next time you want to add a new, extra bit of beauty to your look -cotton club eyeshadow, which is fabricated to look like your own without any harsh chemicals -sour paint eyeshadow, unrivaled for taking on the holidays -sour paint rosy lips eyeshadow, valuable for the holidays -sour paint 03 eyeshadow, best-in-class for the winter season this set includes: -tarte shadows -tarte eyeball Eyeshadow shades -tarte shadows -tarte shades -tarte new shades the shadows are valuable for adding a touch of brightness to an outfit with a light hand, the shades are fantastic for a mineral-tone look, and the new shades are top way to show off all the quality product Tarte is known for.