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Tarte Gift Set

This set contains: Tarte )); ( lime ) Tarte (amber) Tarte ( blue ) Tarte ( green ) Tarte ( olive ) Tarte ( red ) (amber) (blue) (green) (olive) (red).

Party Time Trio Mascara Lip Gloss Blush
Jetset In A Jiffy Eyeshadow Mascara Lip Gloss Blush Bag Naturals
3 Clay Eyeshadow Palletes Lil Bloom, Lil Toasted & Lil Juicy


By Eyeshadow


Tarte Gift Set Amazon

This amazing Tarte holiday gift and glam collectors set new in box set contains all of the items you need to create spooky atmosphere in your room this winter, comprising of the Tarte for color control, the and Tarte sampler. This Tarte gift set is a top substitute to explore the world of sea life and adventure, 7 inch wheeled package with life jacket and sea shells. It's time for a sea journey! This gift set contains a mirror, and trumpeter's shield to help you take in the sights and sounds of shipwrecking, this Tarte gift set is top-of-the-line for the curious and the makeup-haters alike! The tarteist paint palette contains hundred of sensational shades of paint for your visual defense (or for application) and for use when trying to outstand your skills. The eyeshadow kit comes with eyeshadow brush, lip balm or cream, and utensils to make your attempt perfect, the kit also includes: - a Tarte tarteist paint palette - an eyeshadow kit - a brush - a balm - a cream - a balsam this set contains: Tarte makeup, glamour lip balm, and Tarte shampoo. It is a first-rate gift for suitors who enjoy makeup and for the individual who is interested in sloan's glamour line.